Welcome to Burl's Collision Center

At Burl's Collision Center we strive to provide quality collision repairs along with excellent customer service. We are proud of our skilled craftsman and stand behind our work with a limited lifetime warrantee. Burl’s Collision started in 1997; our business emphasis on quality workmanship has allowed us to build a successful business that has expanded many times over the years. Currently we are operating with three divisions which include the automotive collision center, truck and RV center and industrial blasting and coatings center.

The following posted labor rates will take effect for Burl’s Collision Center Automotive collision repair as of January 15, 2015 
  • $63 per hour Body Labor
  • $63 per hour Refinish Labor
  • $100 per hour Aluminum Labor
  • $120 per hour Aluminum Structural Labor
  • $85 per hour Frame Labor
  • $93 per hour Mechanical Labor
  • $48 per refinish hour Paint and Materials –  or more when product usage invoices are provided
YOU HAVE JUST BECOME INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT! It can happen that quick anytime you are driving. Not a pleasant thought... Unfortunately it happens. Even to the best of drivers. It may or may not be your fault! But what happens afterward is up to you. Many people believe that since their insurance company is paying the bill, the decisions should be up to them. The truth is: It is your money that the insurance company is spending to pay for repairs. Remember, you pay premiums every month and count on the insurance company to be there for you. It's your money. It's your car. You make the decisions.

One of our main goals of Burl's Collision Center is Consumer Awareness. As a Consumer Advocate we have compiled important information and have the ability to answer any questions surrounding your rights in the state of Texas.


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