BCC Industrial Coatings

In our BCC Industrial Coatings division we have the capabilities of handling paint and coatings for many industrial and oilfield equipment applications. Our 80’x18’x18’ enclosed sand blasting room with reclaim equipment allows us to safely blast equipment and then filter, recycle and reuse the garnet and copper slag media. This makes BCC Industrial Coatings a TCEQ and OSHA permitted and compliant facility. After blasting, our 3 paint booths give us the production capabilities to quickly process, prep and coat the newly blasted equipment with heat and baking available in various booth sizes in lengths of 72’, 64’ and 40 feet long. We have lifting capacity of 40 tons with multiple trailer and axle’s setup to move equipment in and out or our various booths. Along with tradition painting and refinish services our coatings experience includes ceramic tank liners, CeramKote, Urethane coatings, Phenicon epoxy, Magnalux Vinyl Ester, Magnaplate and other chemical and corrosion resistant coatings. We can custom blast and coat your required profile, paint specs and mil thickness.

  • Blasting booth - 80’x18’x18’ media reclaiming/recycling booth

  • Paint booth 1 – 72’x16’x14’ heated paint booth

  • Paint booth 2 – 64’x14’x16’ heated and baking paint booth

  • Paint booth 3 – 40’x12’x14’ heated paint booth

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